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  • Theresa Pierce
    Office Manager

    Hi, my name is Theresa Pierce and I have been working with Dr. Tony for 24 years. I enjoy coming to work and helping to establish our patients' needs during their time in our office. I am the Office Manager for the Healing Arts Center.

  • Sandy Huff
    Chiropractic Assistant

    I was born and raised in Union County, New Jersey. I graduated from St. Peter's University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Before working at the Healing Arts Center I worked over five years for a major insurance company as a disability claims adjustor. During my free time I enjoy doing Arts and Crafts, spending time with my family and taking vacations to Disney World. I love coming into work everyday and interacting with patients. Prior to working for Dr. Tony I was a patient with lower back pain due to poor posture. Now I am actively conscious of my posture while sitting at the desk and if I slouch he reminds me to sit straight! My pain levels have improved so much!